Editor’s Letter

Something became quite apparent to me while interviewing the many business owners of Victoria for our new magazine Experience. Residents and visitors of our capital city are looking for that local dining hot spot, cafe or specialty shop. They want to find that one-of-a-kind clothing piece or hard to find designer shoe. The coffee shop that roasts and brews their own fair-trade beans. A restaurant to take them on a culinary journey There is a new face of the Victoria business owner; independent, hands-on, offers personalized service is proudly local.

The idea for the magazine you’re now holding was quite simple We wanted to blend the need for information for visitors to our city, but more importantly to create an informative, useful magazine for locals. I am so proud of all the entrepreneurs in our city for following their dream, taking a risk and starting their own business. Don’t get me wrong, there is certainly a need for those multi-national stores but they do not define our city.

Experience is also the product of a local entrepreneur with a dream Mobimaps started in 1997 offering 3D visitor maps, featuring local hot spots and a much needed tool for front-line hospitality staff This new magazine is an extension of those maps, offering more information on local businesses and interesting editorials for a more in-depth look at Victoria and everything it offers. We have taken our publication to the next level by offering multi-language translations for most business advertisements throughout the magazine.

We have also added universal icons for visitors where English is their second language so they can easily locate the businesses they are looking for When traveling no one wants to feel like a tourist We all want to blend in and to experience the best a city has to offer. Until the next issue… cheers, bottoms-up, salute, chin-chin, kan-pai, prost, you get the idea…