The Eat section features one and two page colour spreads featuring the best dining establishments in Victoria! Restaurants that purchase two page spreads have the opportunity to not only offer their restaurant write up in 7 languages but also to feature highlights from their menu. With lots of rooms for pictures and mouthwatering descriptions the Eat section is sure to bring a healthy appetite to any reader!

The Play section features attractions, outdoor adventure activities as well as local tour options. Advertisers again will have the option of one or two page ads or the convenient ¼ page ads. Language translations are also available for clients that opt in for the one or two page ads.

The Shop section offers one and two page spreads as well as ¼ page ads. Advertisers that choose the one and twp page spreads have the option to have their business description translated in to 7 languages. Shopping is certainly a universal language we have all learned and Victoria is the perfect classroom!