Jade Victoria

Jade Victoria, located only two short blocks from the Inner Harbour, offers the highest quality nephrite Jade from British Columbia and around the world. It is made into jewellery, as well as carvings and one-of-a-kind sculptures, by talented local and international artists.

インナーハーバー(Inner Harbour)からほんの2分ほどのところにあるジェイドビクトリアは、品質の高いネフライトヒスイの宝石、また地元や世界中の有能なアーチストたちが作った彫刻やユニークな商品を提供しています。

La bijouterie Jade Victoria, située à seulement deux pâtés de maisons du port intérieur, offre des bijoux de jade néphrite de qualité gemme, ainsi que des gravures et des pièces uniques provenant d’artistes locaux et internationaux.


Jade Victoria, que se encuentra a sólo dos cuadras del puerto interior, ofrece alhajas de jade nefrita de calidad de British Columbia y del mundo. El Jade se convierte en piezas talladas de joyeria y productos exclusivos, hechos a mano por talentosos artistas locales e internacionales.

이너 하버에서 겨우 2분 거리에 있는 제이드 빅토리아는 현지 및 해외의 유능한 아티스트들이 제작한 고품질 연옥 비취 쥬얼리, 조각품 및 고유한 아이템들을 판매합니다.

Jade Victoria, zwei Straßen entfernt vom Naturhafen im Stadtkern, bietet die beste Nephrit-Jade-Qualität aus British Columbia und der ganzen Welt. Es werden Schmuckstücke, Schnitzarbeiten und einzigartige Skulpturen von talentierten heimischen und internationalen Künstlern angeboten.


The toughest mineral on earth

Jade Victoria offers a fine selection of the highest quality nephrite Jade from around the world, including a large quantity from right here in British Columbia. Nephrite Jade, BC’s provincial gemstone, is the toughest natural stone in the world and is valued from its translucency and vibrant green colour.
Ancient cultures around the world revered Jade, placings its value above gold, and the Chinese named it the “Stone of Heaven”. Our highly educated staff will be pleased to show you all the qualities of this beautiful stone that is crafted into jewellery, carvings and one-of-a-kind pieces.

Address: 911 Government Street, Victoria BC
Phone: 250.384.5233

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