Universal Icons

To further assist visitors and locals of Victoria where English is their second language we have added universal icons to the ads of our clients who have one or two page advertisements. Featuring these universal icons offers a seamless translation as to the type of goods and or services offered by that business.

7 Languages

Advertisers that choose either one or two page spreads have the option to have their business description translated in to 7 languages. No one wants to feel like a tourist while traveling. Being able to showcase your business to visitors that don’t speak or read English will give you that competitive advantage you are looking for! It is a small world and offering your business information in 7 languages makes that language barrier even that much smaller.

3D Mobimaps

Visitors (and sometimes locals!) always need to find their way around. Experience Magazine features 3D maps designed by our sister publication Mobimaps. Customers will locate their Eat, Play or Sip experience location by matching the hot spot and their Shop experience location using the grid on the 3D map. Experience Magazine offers both a map of the Inner Harbour/Downtown Victoria area as well as a map of Greater Victoria showing the Saanich Peninsula.


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