The Pita Pit

Choose a 6” or 9” pita to fill with your choice of meat or vegetarian selections and customize with fresh vegetables and sauce. Enjoy a Fresh Thinking and Healthy Eating Experience at The Pita Pit!


Open wide and say aah!
At the Pita Pit, we’re proud of what we put into our pitas, and equally proud of what we don’t. Nothing’s deep-fried, battered or grilled in fat. We don’t add salt unless you tell us you want it. And we don’t stuff our good-for-you, great-tasting fillings in big wads of bread as thick as a mattress. Welcome to fresh thinking and healthy eating at the Pita Pit, a proudly Canadian place to eat.

Address: 1221 Wharf Street, Victoria BC
Phone: 250.382.7482

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